49-Euro-Ticket: Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)


The federal and state governments have agreed on the introduction of a 49-euro ticket. Sold under the name  "Deutschlandticket" it will be valid for local public transport throughout Germany.  We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers for you here. These FAQs will be updated regularly and supplemented as soon as we have new information.

The ticket is planned as a digital subscription at the price of 49 euros per month that can be cancelled monthly.

Status: 03.11.2022

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When can I buy the Deutschlandticket ?

The exact date of the nationwide introduction of the new ticket is currently still being clarified. Currently, a start at the beginning of 2023 is being discussed.

When does the sale for the Deutschlandticket start?

Germany will switch to the new ticket early 2023. We want to introduce the ticket as quickly as possible. We are currently clarifying the details and will inform you soon about the exact start date. 

Where can I buy the Deutschlandticket in the RVV area?

The Federal Ministry of Transport plans to implement the Deutschlandticket as a solely digital ticket. It is therefore expected that the ticket will be available via the RVV app. As soon as more details are available, we will inform you here.

Where can I use the Deutschlandticket?

The Deutschlandticket is not transferable and will only be valid for one person at a time. As far as we know at present, it is not possible to take other people with you.

The Deutschlandticket will be valid throughout Germany for the whole day on local public transport. This includes means of transport such as:

  • Public buses
  • Tram an subways
  • Regional trains (2nd class) and S-Bahn trains
  • Regional express trains (2nd class)

Of course, the Deutschlandticket will allow you to travel in the entire RVV area.

The Deutschlandticket will not be valid on long-distance trains (for example ICE, IC, EC or Flixtrain) or in 1st class.

Who will profit from the Deutschlandticket?

The ticket is worthwhile for everyone who wants to be mobile throughout Germany by public transport. Depending on the price level, the offer is cheaper than some traditional season tickets in the RVV area - in this respect, the majority of our subscribers will benefit. 

Of course, our regular customers should have the choice of switching to the Deutschlandticket. As soon as all details have been clarified, we will inform you here about the next steps. Please note that, unlike the RVV season tickets, the Deutschlandabo does not have any options to take people along, nor is it transferable.  


In which form will the ticket be available?

The Deutschlandticket is planned as a purely digital offer - in the RVV as a mobile phone ticket, in other associations partly also as an online ticket and in chip card format. It is currently being discussed whether there will be a transitional period for paper tickets.

Will it be possible to take other people or a bike with me?

It is currently planned that children up to 6 years of age will travel free of charge; no further regulations are currently planned. 

There are no plans to include the transport of animals and bicycles within the Deutschlandticket. Please refer to our valid RVV transport regulations. 

What will happen to the other tariff options of the RVV?

The offers for single journeys (strip ticket, single tickets,...) remain unchanged in order to continue to suitably serve people who only occasionally travel by public transport. Our classic subscriptions will also continue to be offered due to the extensive take-away options, the transferability and the price advantage of the classic subscriptions in low price levels. 

Will there be similar discounts to the annual subscription?

No, the Deutschlandticket is already a heavily discounted offer, which is why no additional discounts are planned. As of today, the price for the annual subscription is 12 x 49 euros = 588 euros. The offer is to be cancellable on a monthly basis.

Can existing subscriptions still be used?

Our range of subscriptions remains unchanged. Subscriptions can still be used and purchased. 

Subscriptions that have already been purchased will not be automatically switched to the Deutschlandticket, as was the case with the 9-Euro-Ticket. The reason for this is that the Deutschlandticket does not provide for any transport options, transferability, etc., which may, be relevant for individual customers - possibly more relevant than the price alone. 


I already have an RVV subscription. How can I benefit from the Deutschlandticket?

If you already have an RVV subscription but would like to change to the Deutschlandticket due to the reduced price and the nationwide validity, the RVV subscription must be cancelled in due time. Please note that the Deutschlandticket can only be purchased digitally (presumably via the RVV app) and that the ticket is not transferable and other persons cannot be taken along free of charge.

I have an RVV subscription and would like to change to the Deutschlandticket. Do I have to cancel my subscription now?

First of all, we can only advise our regular customers to wait until the exact conditions of the new offer have been determined and the discussions between the federal government, the states and the industry have been concluded.  

Afterwards, we will inform you here about further steps. 

I have an RVV jobticket. Can I upgrade my jobticket to a Deutschlandticket?

The possible conditions for a job ticket are currently still being clarified. We will inform you as soon as information is available.

I have a 365-Euro-Ticket. Can I upgrade my 365-Euro-Ticket to a Deutschlandticket?

An upgrade or exchange of the 365-Euro-Ticket for a Deutschlandticket is only possible after the regular period of validity (1 year) has expired. 

Will there be social fares or reductions for the Deutschlandticket?

The details of reductions for pupils, students or trainees as well as regulations for low-income earners are being clarified by the federal states and transport associations. We will inform you as soon as the results are available.

Pupils and trainees will continue to travel cheaper in the RVV area with the 365-Euro-Ticket.

Will there be a special offer for university students?

No, the Deutschlandticket is planned as a subscription for everyone - at a price of 49 euros and cancellable monthly.

Will the ticket price remain permanently at 49 euros per month?

After the introductory phase, the price of the ticket may increase from 2024. The reason for this is rising fuel, electricity and wage costs. The aim is to "dynamise" the ticket in the form of inflation compensation.