Info on the timetable download

All lines in the download area list bear the date of last modification. If new data has been incorporated or a new timetable issued in the last 14 days, this is annotated by one of the following two comments which appear between the line number and modification date:

New timetable applies: A timetable change has been made in the last 14 days.

Recently updated: Modified data has been entered in the last 14 days.

All timetable files are provided in pdf format.


There are two different types of files per line:

1. The stop timetable contains a separate page per direction for each stop on a line. Each direction has a bookmark detailing the relevant stops in the sequence in which they appear on the line. Bookmarks can be opened and closed by clicking on them. When printing out an individual stop, make sure its page number is stated or the “print current page” option has been selected, otherwise all stop timetables on this line will be printed.

2. The schedule tables are comprehensive tabular representations of a line, broken down into its days of operation (Monday-Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays).

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