The Bayern ticket and some more train tickets



Area Valid throughout Bavaria for any number of trips in all local trains, transport associations and public service buses
Period of Time Monday to Friday (working days) from 9:00 am (until closing time of the buses or 03:00 pm of the following day) Saturday, Sunday and public from 0:00am
Usage in the RVV area         

Yes, within the entire RVV area, but not for the call collecting taxi (RAST).


26,00 € + 8,00 € per additional passenger (maximum 5 persons) Bayern-Ticket 1st class from 38,50 €; the Bayern ticket night from 24.00 € (in the RVV ticket agencies and in the customer centre per ticket 2.00 Euro surcharge)

Family Benefit          

Free transport of of your own children and grandchildren under the age of 15 (but then only one more person at the most)


At all RVV ticket agencies and in the RVV buses

At all DB sales points and the DB ticket machines at the stations

Further information to the Bayern Ticket can be obtained directly from the Deutsche Bahn website.

City ticket for holders of BahnCard 25 and 50

DB tickets which are issued for the use of IC/EC or ICE trains, which are covering a distance of more than 100 km and which have printed the note “+City” beside the city name (e.g. Regensburg + City), entitle to use public transport at start and/or destination of a rail trip. In the RVV area, this means all buses in fare zones 1 and 2. The entitlement includes travel to the train station and onward travel to the destination upon arrival in Regensburg.

This additional entitlement applies only to tickets purchased with a BahnCard discount (BahnCard 25 or 50).

The travel entitlement is valid for all persons stated on the ticket (adults/children). The date stated on the DB ticket is relevant. In addition, Regensburg-Burgweinting, Regensburg-Prüfening, Obertraubling and Sinzing are further start and destination stations for “Regensburg + City.

The right to use public transport applies exclusively within RVV zones 1 and 2 (urban area of Regensburg and neighbourhood). 

Further Information

BahnCard100 (annual network card of the Deutsche Bahn)

The so-called DB AG “BahnCard100” is a ticket which is valid for one year in the entire rail network. Holders of the “BahnCard100” are entitled to take any number of rides on all public transport in the city tariff zones, i.e. in the RVV area within fare zones 1 and 2.



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