Tarifzonenplan 2017

RVV fare zone plan

All tariff zones in the RVV area. ...more

Single Ticket

Valid for one person for a one way trip. ...more

Stripe Ticket

Please compare: Driving with the stripe ticket is usually much cheaper than using our single ticket. ...more

Day Ticket

The best choice for day trips into the region and very family friendly: You can take your own children and grandchildren under 15 along for free. From 9:00 am, you can travel as a couple or up to five persons, wherever and as often as you want! ...more

Ticket for the inner city zone

Particularly favorable single and day tickets for the inner city zone Regensburg. ...more

P + R Regensburg West / Every 10 Minutes to the Centre by Bus

Park + Ride: Drei Ticket-Varianten für günstiges Parken im Regensburger Westen inklusive Weiterfahrt mit dem Bus ...more
flexible Wochen und Monats-Tickets ab 01.04.2020 - Teaser
flexible Wochen und Monats-Tickets ab 01.04.2020 - Teaser

Eco-ticket ("Öko-Ticket")

Worthwhile for anyone not specifically having to travel during morning rush hour. ...more
Superteaser Abo 2020 - 12 zu 9 für Dich

Subscriptions: 12-month, 6-month and eco

Pay less, travel more: up to 3 months for free and option to take up to 4 people along for free. ...more
Universität - Haltestelle

Semester Ticket

Our offer for students of Regensburg's universities ...more

Job ticket

The cheapest offer for the daily way to work. Now also for small and medium-sized businesses. ...more
Schüler im Bus mpress Hanno Meier

Discounted fares for school students and trainees

The RVV offers discounted season passes, namely weekly and monthly student tickets, for school students, trainees and similar groups of people*. ...more
MarinaForum_2 Bild: Regensburg Tourismus GmbH

Conference Ticket

Individual offers for conferences and meetings ...more
Donau-Arena Aussenansicht

We also get you into the Donau Arena

Our offer for the Donau Arena: D line and event tickets. ...more

The Bayern ticket and some more train tickets

With Bayern-Ticket, City-Ticket or BahnCard 100 on the way within the RVV area ...more

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