Tickets for individual journeys

Spontaneous's go! For example, with a single ticket, a multi-rider or even the very reasonable day ticket.

Single Ticket

Valid for one person for a one way trip. ...more

Stripe Ticket

Please compare: Driving with the stripe ticket is usually much cheaper than using our single ticket. ...more

Single ticket municipality

Favorable tickets within a municipality area ...more

Day Ticket

The best choice for day trips into the region and very family friendly: You can take your own children and grandchildren under 15 along for free. From 9:00 am, you can travel as a couple or up to five persons, wherever and as often as you want! ...more

Ticket for the inner city zone

Particularly favorable single and day tickets for the inner city zone Regensburg. ...more

P + R Regensburg West / Every 10 Minutes to the Centre by Bus

Park + Ride: Drei Ticket-Varianten für günstiges Parken im Regensburger Westen inklusive Weiterfahrt mit dem Bus ...more

Bicycle Ticket

Bicycle ticket on the bike bus line to Falkenstein ...more

Group Ticket (Gruppen-Ticket)

Our offer for groups of up to 30 people. ...more

RAST in Großprüfening and Irl

RAST takes you from Großprüfening and Irl to the city centre and back. A telephone registration under 0941 5 67 66 66 is required. The tickets are available from the taxi driver. ...more

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