Tickets for school students and trainees

Information to discounted weekly and monthly tickets and application form customer pass
Informationen zu vergünstigten Wochen- und Monats-Tickets und Antrag für RVV-Kundenpass Ausbildungsverkehr

What to do to drive at low cost with the RVV in the future?

School students entitled to free transportation (as long as school attendance is compulsory), usually receive tickets and passes directly through their school. That on the visit to the customer center, you can do without in this case, because you receive the important "students pass" also about the school. But please keep definitely ready a recent passport photo for the exhibition of the students pass through the school.

Students, trainees and other groups of people not entitled to free transport, but in an apprenticeship, are entitled to use discounted fares for weekly and monthly tickets. Whether you or your child fall under this regulation, please refer to the following list: Download list

These discounted tickets are only valid in conjunction with a customer pass you will receive on request  in our customer centre in Hemauerstraße 1 (stop Haupt­bahnhof/Albertstr). Following opening times, we are at your disposal: Monday - Friday between 8 am – 6 pm.

For the exhibition of the RVV customer pass, please bring by the following documents to the Customer Centre:

Important: Please bring absolutely a proof of authorization of the school or educational institution for the necessary confirmation (signature + stamp). Without this confirmation, the application cannot be accepted and processed. More information about filling in the application can be found on page 2 of the application form for a customer pass traffic. You can save data entered in the application form on your PC and thus save yourself a complete re-entering of the data in the annual renewal in most cases. If you send the application by mail to us, you will need to allow a processing time of up to 5 days including shipping time.

Finally, a small request: 

Keep the issued monthly passes well to please - they are as valuable as cash. Many thanks!


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